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I am a business owner and property investor. I began investing in property just 3 years ago – making a relatively quick transition from being full-time employed to working from home with my wife as a professional property investor.

I get great satisfaction from helping others take control of their lives. My strength lies in encouraging people to focus on what they want out of life; to look at their hopes and aspirations. My aim is to empower individuals to work together with others; developing teams to create income-generating enterprises which support them, their families and their communities

I specialise in working with the newly self-employment and those who have come from being employed and who have identified that they are ready to start their own business. Having followed this path myself, I value the opportunity to share my experiences. To start your own business you need to have a clear & solid reason why you want to do what you want to do – this creates the foundations for the right mindset and a self belief that brings passion into everything you do – this will carry you through the challenges that will inevitably present themselves on your journey. Through this process you are forced to reinvent yourself.

I believe it is important for those who are new to business to focus on their core skills and to look at business development in terms of building the right team around you. My background is in architectural design – I am trained to design processes from conception through to completion. Visualisation is a powerful tool for manifesting into the world anything you desire; I use this design process in everything I do.

I have found that many of those who are new to running their own business need help to focus on the numbers, and to develop systems so that financial progress can be monitored. Learning the fundamentals of money management and developing systems for savings & investments as a daily habit is crucial to the continued success of any entrepreneur, business owner or investor. Adopting new habits now changes your future and brings you closer to achieving all your lifetime goals.

Are you thinking of starting your own business?

Are you just starting out in business?

Are you newly self-employed?

Is your existing business under-performing?

Are you looking for fresh input into an existing business?

Do you want to review or reset your financial goals?

Do you want to start investing in property but don’t know where to begin?

Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know which strategy to use?

Do you need support to plan your financial future?

I offer a ONE to ONE consultations on Skype for £125 per hour

Half day (3 hrs) – £260

Full Day (7 hrs) – £520

ongoing full telephone & email support for an additional £50 per month.

I also offer a 6 a month mentorship programme which includes fortnightly ONE-to-ONE meetings on Skype plus full telephone and email support.

Contact me NOW to arrange a FREE, 15 minute no obligation consultation

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