Promote Yourself

I’d like to give everyone a ‘safe space’ to promote themselves and share what they do with the community… Introduce yourself and let us know what you’re passionate about! Spamming rules don’t apply here…..

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  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for the invitation to comment and your post I shall share the goal setting post today on my new Blog.

    Have a great day .
    PS suggest you put your bio at the end of your blog posts :-)

  2. Ton van Wijk says:

    Thanx for giving me the opportunity to share with you a very interesting new business. We are rapidly growing all over the world. Started in Januari 2009 and now over 1 milion members on board.

    Its a new Social Media website with functions like Twitter and Facebook, but attached is a nice busines opportunity. Finally someone came up with the idea to pay a commission for every “friend” you have in yous Social media site.


    My Blog:

    Contact me with anything………..!

    Regards Ton

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